Free Linux Training

If you're using Linux, you've probably experienced how helpful the Linux community can be. If not I recommend you try posting your questions in the BeginLinux blog. Most users should be able to find free training on basic Linux desktop and server tasks on the main site, however the forum offers an extra element of support for registered users.

Get HelpNewbies:
If you're brand new to Linux and have basic questions about the Linux distribution you're using, head over to our desktop board and strike up a conversation.

Learning the complex techniques used by Linux administrators is not always easy. One thing that makes it easier is troubleshooting with other administrators. Stop by the forum and take advantage of this admin training resource.

If you're looking for high quality Linux training materials such as Linux PDFs, Linux manuals, and video CDs, visit our cart.

Linux Tips On Twitter

Twitter is another great resource for Linux desktop and server users to find help. Build up a follower base and you'll have a group of people you can fall back on for help, tips, resources, and more. Here's some recent posts from our Twitter stream. FOLLOW

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